Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little A

We've been thinking about you and waiting a long time little one. I know we Grandmas are on pins and needles waiting to see your precious face and count your tiny toes. Oh how sweet you look in your sonogram pictures,all cozy and warm inside your mama...with no idea whats coming soon. You have people standing in line to hold you already little guy! I have often wondered what my sons son would look like. You will be so handsome, I know that for sure. Curly hair? Brown or blonde? Blue eyes for sure! Oh sweet one I cannot wait to tell you how much I love you,sing songs to you and teach you nursery rhymes.If you are like your father however I will be hard pressed to find you sitting still long enough for any of that. I always felt that your Dad was born with a built in jet pack and I am sure you will be much the same.What fun we are in store for. I love you sweet boy. God bless you, Grandma

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Elegance...a miss understood word. Most think of diamonds and princess settings when they hear this word. Here is what elegance is to me.
Soft shimmering snow falling oh so quietly and blanketing the ground with sparkling wonder.
Pink and white and purple morning skies dashed across snowed capped mountaintops.
Red orange sunsets that say there is beauty at the end of a not so beautiful day.
Sonograms of precious life giving just a hint of the blessing about to be.
The smile of a friend and the leftover warmth of their hugs.
The echos of laughter left by family and friends as they head home.
  Elegance to me is a gift from God.. my prayer for you is that you experience elegance today and for many days to come.

Friday, February 3, 2012

  It is a new day. Literally,it is 12:07 am. I just had the best day since I moved here 6 months ago...and I am starting a new blog in celebration of a completely new life.It is snowing like crazy and it is beautiful even IF Kate got so very stuck in the snow..card games were called off ,schools were closed and Sarge had to lift his leg just wee bit higher to pee!
I named my blog "A Bushel and a Peck" because my mother sang that song to me over and over again and I sang it to my kids..over and over again. Some things never change...but many do. Here's to the changes in life that make us who we are. :)